Individual Registration

Calling all individuals looking to participate in FlagPlus Football! If you are without a team or looking to join an additional team: you can now register individually and be placed one, formally, without the uncertainty of the Free Agents’ list!

Please fill out the following form and acknowledge having read and agreed to the conditions thereafter, to complete your registration and add your name to the list of players we’ll be invited to participate in the ‘FPF Combine’ prior to the upcoming season:

Winter 2020 Combine
Wednesday, December 4th
@Stade Hebert Dome
7755 Rue Colbert, Saint Léonard, H1S 2Y7
8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
*Free to participate


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Individual Registration Conditions

Once your registration form has been received, you will have reserved your spot at our combine event! All those registered will have the opportunity to run drills and participate in a fun scrimmage while being evaluated.

  • FPF administrators will be on hand to assess each attendee and assign an appropriate grade. That grade will then determine an ideal range of divisions each player can ideally play in. The division range will be pre-discussed and agreed upon by both the player and FPF.
  • Players will then have until December 8th to pay their full fees of $250 (flag belt included). Once a player has paid in full, FPF will guarantee him/her a spot on a roster prior to the start of the season.
  • Players should note that no refund will be given, and that all payments are final. Due to the nature of matching strangers together on a team, there is a possibility that some added players may not mesh perfectly with the rest of the team. If both the captain and player agree to a release, the option to switch teams will be made available. Note that only a pro-rated amount of the registration fees will be made available to carry over to second team.
  • Should a player participate in the Combine but decide to join up with set team directly (some interested team captains are usually on hand to recruit), they will be able to handle payment with the team instead, and no fee will be owed directly to FPF. The $250 fee is reserved for players who require FPF to match them with a team.