FlagPlus Football Team Registration Form

Captain’s Information:


To add a player to the registration table, please search for, and select, every player on your roster individually, one after the other.

If a player does not yet exist in our database, you will be prompted to "add a new one". In addition to the player’s first name and last name, you will be asked to select one of the introductory rating options, depending on the division you’re registering for. Once submitted, the player will appear on the roster list below.

Please be absolutely certain a player does not yet exist in our database before creating a new member.

Kindly note that if a player has two separate offensive ratings (QB and WR), please select the correct option based on his/her projected position for this season. If you are unsure, we suggest selecting the higher of the two.

If you would like a player to receive a second offensive rating to differentiate between his QB and Receiver skill-levels, please contact us and we will gladly do so.

Only the six top rated players on both offence and defense will count against the cap. Players highlighted in green will count against the cap; players in red will not.

Click here for more details on the rating system or email us for any other clarification. For an individual or team rating change request CLICK HERE.


All fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
As team captain, I hereby agree to the following conditions:

-To pay a minimum deposit of $1000.00 before July 20th, 2020
-To pay the remaining amount of $675 or less (totaling $1675.00) by August 19th, 2020.
-If I cannot complete the payment by August 19th, 2020, I acknowledge that I will be required to pay the balance off by credit card, along with a $25 late fee, before my team's next game.
-I acknowledge that I will be held solely responsible for any unpaid or outstanding balance, and not my individual teammates.
- I acknowledge that I, as captain, am expected to cover payment for players on my team who cannot respect the deadlines set by FPF.
-I understand that I am required to pay a $100 to the opposing team for any Category 1 [no show] forfeit. Furthermore, I acknowledge that my team will not be permitted to participate in any subsequent game until the full fine is paid. Finally, should an FPF administrator not be made aware of the forfeit at least two hours before a game, an additional $50 penalty will be charged, totalling $150 for the game.

Regarding payment, three options exist:

- (preferred) Interac Money Transfer to info@flagplusfootball.com
- cash payment made to an FPF administrator in a sealed and labeled envelope.
- a cheque made out to FlagPlus Football League Inc. (cheques post-dated past the deadlines will be considered late)


As captain it is imperative that you consult the following documents prior to the season.

Code Of Conduct
Rulebook [EN] | Livre de Règlements (FR)
Roster Regulations [EN] | Règles d'alignement (FR)
Uniform Protocol


FPF produces and sells its own flag belts; to ensure uniformity and facilitation for our officials all participants must use our flagbelts. They are always available at the field.

FPF Men's divisions are required to use an NCAA, NFL, CFL or USport sized football.
Both leather and synthetic footballs are permitted
Black or multi-colored footballs are not permitted
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