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Please search for and select every player on your roster, individually to add each one to the table below, sequentially. If a player does not yet exist in our database, you will be prompted to "add a new one". In addition to the player’s first name and last name, you will be asked to select one of the introductory rating options, depending on the division you’re registering for. Once submitted, the player will appear on the roster list below.

Please be absolutely certain a player does not yet exist in our database before creating a new member.

If a player has two separate offensive ratings (QB and WR), please select the correct option based on his/her projected position for this season. If you are unsure, we suggest selecting the higher of the two.

If you would like a player to receive a second offensive rating to differentiate between his QB and Receiver skill-levels, please contact us and we will gladly do so.

Only the six top rated players on both offence and defense will count against the cap. Players highlighted in green will count against the cap; players in red will not.

Click here for more details on the rating system or email us for any other clarification. click here now!
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